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Vital statistics
Type Errant
Level Unknown
Location Neighborhood
Inhabitants Neighbors

Voz (声 Voz) is an errant nation within the Neighborhood, it is has numerous mountains and higher than normal gravity. This nation is best known for its diplomatic prowess, with more than 10,000 diplomats on hand, and is known as the "Nation of Philosophy"

History Edit

Voz was doscovered when many people from Aftokrator escaped from war and destruction, and soon founded a large republic for all those tired from war. Within the next 500 years, it became well known for its diplomacy. Although it has many diplomats, it also accumulated an army of more than 1,000 Trigger users, and 50,000 Trion Soldiers, all of which were taken from Aftokrator.

After Aftokrator's leaders caught on to Voz, they demanded them to return all of the soldiers and triggers they had taken, and as a result declared war on Voz. The Vozites were not prepared for war, and were completely decimated by the opposing forces. Until the a great leader appeared, Vasanta Korë. Vasanta created rallying cries for war, and with his the help of his leadership, Aftokrator was defeated over the course of 68 years of war.

During the war, Vasanta sacrificed himself and created a Black Trigger, which later became known as Orvar, that allows the user to create arrows out of anything he or she touches.

Trivia Edit

  • Voz means "voice" in Spanish
  • Vasanta is the season of spring according to the Hindu Calendar
  • Orvar means "arrow" in Old Norse, and is also the name of a legendary Norse hero in the 13th Century