Vira Hamada
Vira Hamada (LF)
Vital Statistics
Rōmaji Hamada Vira
Gender Female
Age 16
Physical Attributes
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Blood Type A+
Status Active
Affiliation Border
Relatives Father (Deceased) Mother (Alive)

Soma Hamada (Adopted Brother)


Vira is a good natured girl that tries her hardest at anything she does even though it takes a few tries to do something right. Naturally she will fight with people but always will make back up with them not to long after. She tries to hard to make everyone happy around her that she tends to forget to take care of herself.


Vira has light skin, long blond hair that is normally in a loose ponytail or just in something to keep it out of the way. she wears a white jacket that has black and red on it while the pants are also white. The jacket has a belt wrapped around it that is also white, except the buckle area that is black.



Viras father found a baby in the woods when she was six and since than they had adopted the baby as theirs, naturally she wasn't to happy about this as she had less time with her family and had to now act like an older sister. Over time they eventually got along and she started to look out for him.

Their father passes away from an illness that had been spreading through the small community and eventually she had gotten it as well but gets better along with whats left of the people. They eventually move to Mikado city but that bad luck hit them again as the city was being attacked by neighbors for the first time and she got crushed under some ruble, luckly she survived and healed remarkably with no negative effects. Sometime after she decides to take the test to become a border agent and fails epickly at it, so she decided to train some Soma ended up helping her with it. She goes to take it another time but Soma goes along with her and ends up taking the test and passing on the first try while she barley passed.

First ArcEdit