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Vasanta Korë
Vital Statistics
Rōmaji Vasanta Korë
Kanji/Katakana Vasantaコレー
Aliases Arrow of Freedom
Gender Male
Birthdate June 30
Zodiac Sign 25px Gladius
Physical Attributes
Species Neighbor
Height 5' 11"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Blood Type B
Status Deceased
Affiliation Neighbor
Country Voz
Student Hyacinthus Prabhu
Occupation Commander of Vozite Army
Rival(s) Aftokrator
Relatives Unknown
Side Effect Trion Sense

Vasanta Korë (Vasantaコレー Vasanta Korë) Was the leader of the Vozite Army during its war with Aftokrator. His Side Effect allows him to sense nearby Trion bodies, how much Trion each body has, the total amount of Trion bodies, wther he can see or hear them or not, within a two mile radius.


Vasanta was a tall man with black hair, which was dyed partially gray, and has many battle scars on his body. He has a purple scarf on all of the time and many of his clothing items are ripped, including his shirt.

History Edit

During the Voz-Aftokrator War, he was ambushed and kidnapped by members of Aftokrator and was taken to an unknown family, he grew up wanting to go back to Voz and meet his biological parents. He stayed with the foreign family for 27 years, until he ran away to Voz during the Battle of Esperanza Mountain.

When in Voz, he enlisted into the army as a Diplomatic Warrior and trained for another 13 years, before he became commander of his very own Faction, the Korë Faction. And he developed many friendships along the way, including his Vice-commander at the time, Hyacinthus Prabhu.

After many years of war, he sacrificed himself during the battle of Odio Mountain, in which the Commander of the Vozite Army had been brutally killed by enemy forces and Vasanta had been raised to Commander during the battle. He realized that the Vozites could not win, so he sacrificed himself and created a Black Trigger for his army to use, the Orvar, and won the battle, and the war. Now every commanding officer in the Vozite Army has been at least trained with the Orvar, in case of emergencies.

Abilities Edit

Vasanta created the Black Trigger known as Orvar.

Trivia Edit

  • Vasanta is the season of spring according to the Hindu Calendar
  • Orvar means "arrow" in Old Norse, and is also the name of a legendary Norse hero in the 13th Century
  • This character is based off of Gundham Tanaka of Dangan Ronpa: Goodbye Despair