(Image based off of Mafumafu)

Tora Rokuda is a Neighbor from the Planet Nation Colsaria, an imprisoned and now escaped test subject, and currently a Border Agent for the Border Defense Agency. He is an Attacker and a Shooter, and based off of the Border Briefing Files, he is a bit more powerful then Hyuse but still less powerful then Viza. This is mostly due to his lack of experience. He is the main character in the FanFiction "World Trigger: Genesis" by R0guePanda.

Tora has white hair and red eyes, a result of the genetic manipulation forced on him by Colsaria, and has a Trion Infused Body. He is capable of using that massive amount of Trion to actually make himself stronger and faster in his normal body, and possesses a metabolism that lets him devour food quickly, and requires less sleep then others. He was also implanted with three High Quality Trion Glands, and so by having three instead of one his Trion Output and Recover are both quite high, almost up to Chika's level. This has also caused him to develop multiple Side Effects, though the only one he truly considers to be extremely useful is his Danger Sense, which allows him to sense danger coming towards him, including the direction it is coming from and a vague idea of what it is.

He mainly uses the Cyclones, an original Trigger that Border just recently developed, but he is also a user of Asteroid, Meteora, Shield, Grasshopper, Bagworm, Scorpion, and another new Trigger recently developed by Border, Scanner Vision.

He is currently in Tamakoma Branch, and is likely their shortest member, claiming to be 125cm tall (but many suspect he is adding about 5-10cm on that). He lacks any form of common sense and tends to be prone to getting into trouble. He is also best friends with Shun Midorikawa, and as one can expect, is hated by Miwa. Many people who know about his past tend to treat him favorably though, because they are aware of the sheer torture he went through for the past five years of his life.

However, a few who want to help him humanize sometimes embarrass him and playfully tease him in a variety of ways, and it is common for people to pick him up and carry him around despite the fact he hates that. Consciously, at least.

He likes freedom, friendship, and sugary foods.