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Nation of Shadows, Skia (スキア, Sukia) is one of the largest Errant Nations located within the vast expanse of the Neighbor World. It is most notable for its 'blackness', in that it is almost completely undetectable unless it is within a certain distance from another nation or the human world. Because of this, it is capable of launching devestating sneak attacks at a moments notice, and much about the nation itself remains completely unknown. It appears to have embarked on a massive conquest, launching sudden and devestating attacks on the smaller Neighbor Nations in order to acquire their Black Triggers, often destroying the country in the process. They are the ones behind the destruction of Eirini, leading to Exoria fleeing to the Human World as the only remaining survivor, carrying their Black Trigger with her. 

They act as one of the main antagonists of Trigger On.






  • Like many of the nations in the Neighbor World, Skia's name is Greek in origin. In this case, it is the Greek word for "shadow", skiá.