Vital Statistics
Rōmaji Rin
Aliases Crazy
Gender Female
Age 18
Physical Attributes
Species N/A
Height 5'1"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type N/A
Status Active
Branch Mekakushi
Team Mekakushi
Type White/Black
Usage Points  ???
Enlistment Usage Points  ???
Position Any
Solo Rank  ???
Solo Overall Rank  ???
Side Effect N/A


Rin can come off as a cold, selfish and less than caring person with her antics that she tends to pull. She hates being told what to do and knows just how much power she has and how to use it to her advantage whether it's to scare someone or get what she wants like her own faction. She appears to be very secretive about her past though and hasn't told anyone and will get annoyed if someone tries to start digging into it.


Rin is short being at 158cm (five foot and one inch)with a skinny frame for an eighteen year old. Her hair is rather uneven as one ponytail is longer than the other one and has black hair. Her jacket is a darker tone of blue with a large white star on the back and her boots are the same color, they go up to her knees. She also wears short shorts and basically a bra.



     Rin was found by the director of border ten years ago when she was eight severely injured though she never told him how. Since then she has joined border and is one of their top agents and even knows how to make triggers and is always making new ones or working on hers. At one point she was paired with Asami Kita and really got on her nerves.

     Recently she has broken the record for bail outs lasting much longer than they are suppose to and has been seen to use more than one trigger in battle.

First ArcEdit



- Character design is Black Rock Shooter from her anime.