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Orvar is a trigger created by Vasanta Korë during the Voz-Aftokrator war. It is used by all of the commanding officers of the Vozite Army.

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Favicon Class: S Favicon
Type: Favicon Black Orvar



The trigger dons the user with a glove that allows him or her to materialize a bow and arrow out of anything he or she touches, and lets the user fire an arrow made of that element, the downside is that one can only fire one arrow at a time, and it requires a lot of Trion to fire one arrow.
Sky Bow(空弓, Sky Bow, lit. Empty Bow): The user puts the glove in the air and materializes a blue bow that fires an arrow made of whatever is in the air, this can include Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxoide, and many other things.
Boulder Bow(ボールダー弓, Bōlder Bow, lit. Boulder Bow): The user touches a any type of mineral with the glove and it materializes a cream-colored bow, that fires an arrow made of whatever mineral that rock is, or is made of, this includes diamonds, emeralds, pearls, opals, garnets, and many others.
Flesh Bow(肉弓, Flesh Bow, lit. Meat Bow): The user touches his or someone else's skin with the glove, creating a white-colored bow, that fires an arrow made of pure trion. This only works on Trion Bodies, and immediately destroys the Trion body upon contact