Katone Satoshi
Katone Satoshi
Vital Statistics
Rōmaji Katone Satoshi
Kanji/Katakana Katone 聡
Gender Female
Age 18
Physical Attributes
Species Human
Hair Color Black (real)

Blue (fights)

Eye Color Black (real)

Blue (fights)

Blood Type A+
Status Active

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Katone Satoshi is a B ranked sniper with s rank abilities but hasn't participated in the battles to rank up. She tends to go on missions alone as an assassin from long range and will wait along time till conditions are ok to fire.




Katone Satoshi 3
Katone has dark short hair with two ribbons by the side of her face and the back cut short. She has half rimmed oval shaped glasses that she wears. Her skin is pale and has black eyes. Katone typically be found in her schools uniform that consist of a black jacket with a red tie and a white undershirt. She also has a blsck skirt with knee high black socks and black shoes.


Katone Satoshi 2
When activating her trigger she does not get the typical border clothes and instead opted for a more customized one with the same hair style but it is a light blue color with black black ribbons on the side and indigo eyes. She wears desert-colored military jacket, bulletproof armor of the same color, combat boots and a white muffler with a black stripe around the neck.



First ArcEdit


- Character design is sinon from sao (sword art online).