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Former Nation of Peace, Eirini (イーリニ, Iirini) is nation that once existed within the Neighbor World. During its time, Eirini was known as a paragon of peace among the other war-focused nations that surrounded it. It acted as something of a major negotiations center for the end of various other wars, and preferred to resort to negotation or similar tactics to avoid actual armed conflict, though it would resort to it should it become necessary. To this end, they possessed a single, but powerful Black Trigger. It was also known for its rather beautiful and striking scenery, occasionally being referred to as a paradise or another similar metaphor. This all came to an end when they found themselves attacked and invaded by the Nation of Shadows, Skia. The war was brief, and Eirini quickly fell, all of its citizens either being slaughtered or kept for Trion purposes. The only escapee was Exoria, who managed to flee to the human world with their Black Trigger in tow.

Its current status is unknown.




  • Like many Neighbor nations, its name is derived or direclty is a Greek word, in this case the Greek word for peace: eirí̱ni̱.