A Neighbor Country with significant power and reach and considered an equal for Aftokrator, they are known for their advancements in genetics and Trigger based technology, and even combining the two. Not only do they possess several Black Triggers, but they are even working on the ability to manipulate and enhance those Triggers. They have various methods they can use to enhance one's Trion and abilities, but also have secret labs in place that do experiments that depending on the place can be highly immoral.

Recently they have been working on a Trion Soldier that is actually created from a Test Subject that has undergone extensive modification and training, before turned into what they call a Champion. The process is irreversible and is similar to that of someone turning into a Black Trigger. The final phase of the process makes them incredibly powerful and capable of taking down groups of squads and units single handedly, especially when armed with their Triggers that let them create and manipulate weapons. However, even those who have undergone most of the treatments but escaped the final phase will have incredible power, being surpassed only by legendary figures such as Viza.

Tora Rokuda is one of those examples, and his stats place him above Hyuse.

Colsaria has a number of Black Trigger Users, but one of their most feared is Coba who is confirmed to be even above Viza in fighting ability.

Colsaria would be best described as a "Science Country", such as Aftokrator would be known as a "Holy Empire". There is a rumor, however small, that Colsaria is actually looking for a fabled Trigger in legends called the "World Trigger".